An exceptional course that was both practical and effective. Chuck’s ability to deliver the information in an entertaining and educating way was nothing short of exceptional. A course that shouldn’t be missed.

Georgie Farmer, Diners Club

“The course was educational, motivational but most of all positively practical.”

Anjail Monteiro, Kwik Kopy

“I have never been subjected to a more relevant, complete and easy to understand training session.”

Craig Sharp, Anthony’s Fine Jewellers

“I found the course extremely rewarding and have felt my personal skills and harmony lifted.”

Tim Lunn, Ashley & Munroe Accountants

“Chuck’s infectious enthusiasm combined with his broad business and sales acumen has served us well. I would recommend his services unequivocally.”

Bill Dean, Boral Bricks

How to Get Customers to Come Back

Setting your sights on winning a sale without regard to fostering repeat or referral business is short-sighted.  “The life blood of any business is new business,” is a colossal understatement given that the most profitable businesses repeat business and repeat business can only come from new business.

Service is a powerful success component in the business world; unfortunately service has been watered down and poorly delivered in cookie-cutter fashion. Customer service is much more about living a philosophy then carrying out a tactic. The Boomerang Effect will give you the philosophy and the skills to deliver unmatched service.

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The Boomerang Effect will teach you how to:


  • Spot the difference between wants, needs and expectations
  • Make the invisible – visible
  • Create more repeat business through superior customer service
  • Create low cost added value
  • Spot the difference between opposition and competition
  • Artfully handle customer complaints
  • The ACME principle of customer service

In this course you will learn vital skills that truly make a difference. You willlearn that customer complaints are the textbook from which we learn and to be pleased when someone takes the time to complain so you have the opportunity to create a positive outcome.

You will be exposed to the importance of a friendly welcoming phone manner and the power in the words “thank you”.

We will share the ACME philosophy, which stands for Always Create a Memorable Experience. As well, you will learn many skills and techniques that will enhance your ability to deliver quality service, so your customers want to not only talk about you, but become your advocates.

One of the key elements of service is knowing how to make the invisible – visible. This means being able to breathe life into those things you cannot see, touch, taste, hear or smell, but are the defining factors of great service. They are: trust, compassion, flexibility, credibility, responsibility and sustainability, just to name a few. When you can demonstrate your commitment to these and more, you place yourself in the best position to establish a bona fide loyal customer. 

Service is that silent factor consumers can make a lot of noise about. The way customers talk about your service can spread like wild fire. So if they are going to talk, and they will, let’s make sure that each and every one of them is a RAVING Fan!

“THE BOOMERANG EFFECT” is new, fresh, and teaches you how to create loyal and valued customers. Through this course, you will learn the power of giving the customer your name and techniques on how to obtain theirs. Once we can interact person to person and not customer to staff member, the interaction completely changes and places you in the best position to maximize business opportunities. 

Building rapport with the customer is a vital element in quality customer service. Hopefully the customer is just not buying your product, but also buying you! Anyone can take an order; many can make a one-time sale. The real goal is to develop a loyal client creating long-term residual business.

We will explore the benefits of follow-up, and follow-through. Always follow up any activity that you have outlined and follow through on all the promises and commitments made to the customer.

You will learn the value of a rewards program and learn the difference between reward programs and loyalty programs. It is our belief that reward programs work and loyalty programs don’t. Customers can leave a loyalty program just as easily as they joined. But a customer who is rewarded for being a good customer is more likely to become a long-term sustainable customer, that customer for life!

Whether you are an accountant, dentist, auto dealer, work in a retail store or are an out-bound sales professional, the BOOMERANG EFFECT – HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS TO COME BACK is a course you can’t afford to miss.

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